Dog Art Dog - Excellence in dog pop art portraits and custom dog art from your dog photo. Uniquely different Warhol style dog pop art paintings and fine giclee prints.

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The Coolest Place For Dog Art. An Andy Warhol style pop art dog portrait makes a very popular dog lover gift. Custom dog art portraits from your photo or dog picture.

Dog Art Dog

Wegman Dressed Them,
Rodrigue made them Blue,
Now We're Taking Them Someplace New!
Dog Art

The Art of the Dog, whether it be through the use of contemporary art, dog pop art, pet photography or even in the newer versions of stained glass or giclee prints you can see throughout this site and in our dog art gallery, all celebrated by dog artist Laura Sotka and Holly Klay. We are taking dog art to a whole new level by transforming you favorite family dog photo into a unique interior design accent that can serve as the perfect dog lover gift or as your very own custom pop art giclee print or custom dog painting.

Consider something really special for that dog lover in your life - even if that is you- and have an original custom dog art piece designed for the home or office. Whether your preference is in an original art glass or custom dog pop art, the pet portrait artist of Dog Art Dog specialize in creating the best on the net and can create custom dog art from a pet portrait or photograph. Or, you may wish to consider an original art piece at a cost lower than that of custom art by choosing from the Breed Standards Artists' collection of giclee prints and stained glass shown in our dog art gallery and throughout this site. Canine art is our specialty and our original pet art is of the highest quality you can find.

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